Join Balazs Heller's 2 hours life coaching workshop held at his home in San Gwann. Balazs as a certified Spiritual Life Coach, NLP practitoner, Vegan Yoga teacher and Reiki Master has been giving workshops, trainings, lectures on self-development to companies, schools and private sessions for 7 years in Malta and around the world.


This workshop is for anyone interested in spirituality, self-development, mind-body-spirit connection and self-realization.

The following topics will be discussed with his audiance:

- Who am I? - Who I am not?

- Goal mapping: How to change my life and manifest my Truth?

- How to transform: Fear into freedom? Self-pity into unlimited potentials? Stress into inner peace?

- The secret triangle of developing spiritual partnership

- How to find Dynamic Balance & Inner Peace through Mind-Body-Spirit Connection?


Balazs pulls you out of your comfort zone and shakes you up to realize your full potential in your life. His dynamic energies, inspiring stories and uplifting teachings will help motivating you to have the life you truly want to manifest. Balazs gives you the tools to identify who you really are and where you want to be.


"You were born perfect and unique into this World. You were given everything you needed to accomplish your mission on Earth." - Balazs Heller


Fee: 25 euros

Booking: Balazs 99991844

Enquiry: junglespiritmalta(at)

Venue: San Gwann. Once booking is confirmed the exact address with directions is sent by email




Balazs was a professional gymnast for 13 years, Gymnastics Champion of Hungary for many years .Then he traveled around the world, lived in 7 countries and discovered a spiritual Path which has changed his life forever. This course is an uplifting and powerful inner journey to learn the wisdom of Life from a different perspective.


Balazs regularly gives self-empowerment seminars, workshops, team building trainings for companies and self-awareness retreats. As he explains "It doesn't matter what is your past or where you are coming from. What really matters is how amazing life you live in the present moment and where do you see yourself in the future. Life is about progression and it is up to you when you realize it and start to do something about it. "


Balazs is the founding director of his FitYoga Teacher Training program ( His main focus and passion is to share his knowledge and experience on how to find and fulfill our mission in life and how to connect Mind-Body-Spiritt. He gives regular Tibetan Singing Bowl meditations and Satsang gatherings to find Inner Peace:




For anyone, who wants to learn more about her/himself and about a LIFE worth living!


If you feel that your past is holding you back from living the life you truly deserve.... if you regularly experience negative motions such as fear, stress, guilt... if you feel mentally, emotionally trapped in your current situation or in your relationships and you are not sure how to move forward....then this workshop is a must for you!


If you feel any of the above resonates with you and you feel ready to make a change and experience a life of harmony, happiness and abundance, this workshop will help you take a new approach to life!




How to:

- Literally transform fear into your personal power

- Build momentum & change your life

- Release any form of stress or anxiety

- Feel alive again even on the deepest level

- Start taking action and manifest your desires

- Gain confidence, stability and constant growth

- Achieve deeper awareness and understanding on what you truly want in life & your path to obtaining it




" A very interesting seminar to appreciate the beauty of life."


" I suggest this seminar to all the people who really want a life of Inner Peace."


"A very effective seminar that makes you think deeply on your strengths, weaknesses, core values and what is your true ‘life purpose’. I highly recommend

it." - Ray Cacciattolo


"This is a magnificent opportunity for those who want to know more them selves better, or to find their walk of their life to be more efficient." - Jonathan Gracey


“ Balazs guided me to realizing what my core values are, I was able to delve into my soul and get in touch with my true being. Anyone who is looking for their way in life should not miss this seminar.” - Peter


"It is motivational as well as inspirational. I recommend this seminar to anyone who wishes to figure out what to do and which path to lead in their lives, because with both Balazs' encouragement and your self-determination you could really turn your life around. "

- Nicola Fenech