Revolutionary Fitness in Nature

The 75 minute back to nature fitness training program is a combination of cross-country running, circuit training, muscular strengthening, yoga and silent meditation. The program is suitable for all-levels and is designed to help you improve stamina, loose weight, get fit, tone up and recharge your batteries.


Part I. Cross-country running on rough surface to burn calories, boost metabolism, increase stamina and strengthen the heart & lungs


Part II. Arm, Legs and Core Muscle Strengthening using your own body weight to tone up, increase strength and muscular endurance


Yoga postures to increase flexibility, balance and release tension, followed by Meditation to refresh and relax


Nobody else has the power to make the ultimate positive changes in your life, except YOU. So come and join us! It will be a new chapter in your life both spiritually, mentally and physically.


"The Back to Nature Fitness session is very fun and relaxing as it takes place amongst nature itself. Once you set off for the jog, with the help of Balazs' encouragement and impeccable skills, you will find yourself going further than you ever thought you would. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wishes to push themselves to the next level because with the combination of jogging, fityoga, bootcamp and of course Balazs himself, there is not doubt as to whether you will achieve outstanding results." - Nicola Fenech

"Its Very challenging! Each exercise is different so you don't get bored. I work, sweat and best of all I am burning calories like crazy."